Friday, June 25, 2010

tonight i write in honor of the full moon and a single sparkly glove

there is something that i keep meaning to mention but i forget each time i sit down to write. tonight is the perfect night to talk about it. Michael Jackson. in noticing the details that are universal as i travel, MJ is one that keeps popping up.
some examples:

-in the long car ride down the mountain from darjeeling to the airport the driver plays Michael Jackson (the entire "dangerous" album on cassette). i can tell that he is hoping that i will like it...and of course, i do. i love hearing "black or white" as we cut around curves and drive through the fog. it makes me smile.

-MJ t-shirts and posters...even in the most remote spots

-a discussion in the ashram about how MJ was legendary

music is universal but especially MJ's music. i wanted to mention it tonight because today marks the anniversary of his death. i read in the paper this morning that there are special parties (many costume parties) all over India to celebrate MJ at clubs and restaurants in the cities and also dedications on the radio.

i can not say that i completely understand the king of pop and surely he was troubled but today i was thinking......

maybe in a way, he did heal the world...maybe he did make it a better place. he is universal. people all over the world are connected because of his music. i have made many connections in conversation on this trip alone because of MJ.

so tonight, under a full moon in India ......

here's to you Michael Jackson! Thank You for giving us that much more common ground!

*** andrea p. ....i hope that you mention my observations to the greatest living artist...i think it would make her very happy to hear! plus every time i see something related to MJ i think of her too...they are now linked in my mind [i think it might make her very happy to hear that also :) ]

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Andrea said...

Jackie, Yes!!! Lauren went to California and visited his cemetery yesterday along with people from all over the world! I can't wait to see the pictures. And I can't wait to see YOUR pictures either!! sounds like an amazing experience. I will send Lauren the link to your blog so she can read it herself, and I'm sure she will be happy to tell you about her experiences as well.