Sunday, July 4, 2010

time is a social construction

now i am in Chennai (formerly Madras)

i am now reaching the end of my journey (although i prefer to think of it as just the beginning). i have come to south India to end my trip with a 3 day Indian wedding! my oldest childhood friend (whom i have known since i was 2 years old!) and her family are here for her cousin's wedding and have invited me to attend. it is fun to see my family from home and to take part in all of the celebrations. i have dreamed of being here with them since i was a child so it is surreal coincidence that we are both here so far from home at the same time. so many of my dreams have been met here...i feel very lucky and very grateful.

today is the final day of the wedding and the actual marriage ceremony. the groom (my friend's cousin) is so so excited. it is beautiful to watch him. he can not wait to be a husband and is sweetly enjoying every moment of the wedding celebration. this is the best kind of wedding to attend.

in 3 days i will be on my way home.

i do not feel ready to leave this place.

i am not finished yet.......


Anonymous said...

When you get the point where you feel you've sufficiently processed your trip and all you've seen, that's when it's time to start planning a second trip! You could bring all your best girlfriends, a la Sex in the City: India on a Budget! We are so excited to see you soon!

FreeLaurenMarsella said...

Jackie! I wanna hang out when you get back! Shoot me an e-mail and I'll give you my phone number. I understand you have a b-day coming up....let's dance!