Monday, May 31, 2010

adjusting the sails

this is a test post....i wanted to make sure that i remembered how to do this. i have decided to commit to entering the blogosphere. thats right, friends - i am putting myself on the map...why? because i love you! and also because technology is one of the last remaining things that stirs a feeling of fear in me. these days i am trying to create a life of many experiences where i can continue to educate myself and grow....and all signs for a clear path point to letting go of fear. the winds of change are blowing.... Carpe Diem!
p.s. i may not always say where exactly i am "on the map"...lets just say i have a "toe on the grid" steps....

one morning i was eating my breakfast and i looked down and noticed that it looked just like Pacman!!! AND it looks like he is about to eat those strawberries for a whole bunch of points! haha! it made me smile...hope it does the same for you! :)